With over 1600 species of birds, Ecuador offers more bird diversity in less space than any other country in the world. We offer Personalised fully guided bird watching day tours throughout the Ecuador four regions: The Andes, The Pacific Coast, The Amazon Basin and the Galapagos, where you have the opportunity to see endemic and difficult to find species.

From the very moment you contact us, we make sure your holiday goes as planned, with stunning scenery, fantastic birds, friendly and professional guides.

Sample of 10 days Itinerary

  • Day 1: Welcome to Quito and overnight in Pululahua
  • Day 2: Yanacocha Birdwatching. Overnight in Maquipucuna
  • Day 3: Maquipucuna, Pauma Reserve. Overnight in Bellavista
  • Day 4: Bellavista Tandayapa (upper and lower). Overnight in Mindo
  • Day 5: Refugio Paz de las Aves in Nanegalito. overnight in Mindo
  • Day 6: Rio Silanche, Nambillo Reserve. overnight in Mindo
  • Day 7: 23 de Junio, Mirador del Rio Blanco, Milpe. overnight in Pululahua
  • Day 8: Guango Lodge in Papallacta – Tambo Condor
  • Day 9: Antisana Reserve birdwatching
  • Day 10: International transfer or Galapagos Extension

Please request us for the detailed itinerary or You may prefer a birdwatching tour tailored to specific requirements.

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