If you are looking for Galapagos boat that offer a great combination of comfort, style, and good pricing, but will not empty your bank account, mid-range boats are an excellent option.

These types of boats are comfortable and have sufficient and attentive service.

✓ Personal attention
✓ A/C, private baths and hot water
✓ Food is great quality
✓ A well performing crew
✓ Wonderful visitor sites
✓ Certified Guides level II or level III

Please contact our expert travel designer in order to find the right cruise for you.

Fragata Yacht

Galapagos Mid-range Cruises
$ 1,944pp 4 days from
  • Fragata Yacht: 16 passengers
  • 8 double cabins with private bath

Aida Maria Yacht

Galapagos Mid-range Cruises
$ 1,375pp 4 days from
  • Aida Maria Yacht: 16 passengers
  • Twin and double upper and lower berths

Galaven Yacht

Galapagos Mid-range Cruises
$ 1,183pp 4 days from
  • Galaven Yacht: 20 passengers
  • Twin and double upper and lower berths

Darwin Yacht

Galapagos Mid-range Cruises
$ 1,100pp 4 days from
  • Darwin Yacht: 16 passengers
  • Double cabins with berth