First class Boats may have similar service levels as luxury class, however, they are smaller and less spacious. Ideal for all modern travelers.

We offer a variety of options for first class Galapagos cruises with a collection of the best boats.

✓ Personal attention
✓ Maximum confort
✓ Top-level of cuisine
✓ Confortable social areas
✓ Wonderful visitor sites
✓ The best naturalist guides
✓ First class crew members included the captain

Please contact our expert travel designer in order to find the right cruise for you.

Explore and discover the Galapagos Islands on a boat of the category of first class you ensure that your visit to the Islands will be everything you’ve dreamed.

Mary Anne Sailing Ship

Galapagos First Class Cruises
$ 4,500pp 4 days from
  • S/S Mary Anne: 16 passengers
  • Single, twin and doubles, lower & upper berths

Beluga Yacht

Galapagos First Class Cruises
$ 4,600pp 8 days from
  • Beluga Motor Yacht: 16 passengers
  • Twin and double beds, lower berths

Cachalote Sailor

Galapagos First Class Cruises
$ 2,835pp 6 days from
  • Cachalote Sailor: 16 passengers
  • Twin and double beds, lower berths

Coral I & II

Galapagos First Class Cruises
$ 2,215pp 5 days from
  • Coral 1 - 36 people, Coral II - 20 people
  • Twin, double and family rooms