The best way to see the Galapagos Islands is on board a luxury cruise, and the newly built Camila is a proud addition to our Galapagos fleet. Guests travel in comfort to the different islands, where they have up-close encounters with blue-footed boobies, iguanas, giant tortoises, whales and more.

The newest ship in Galapagos, the Camila offers a first-class way to visit these magical islands. The Camila is elegant, swift and silent at sea. A motorized trimaran, the Camila is designed for comfort and stability and is outfitted with spacious cabins, a comfortable lounge, and Jacuzzi.

On the Camila, we emphasize the remarkable Natural History of Galapagos, selecting guides who are knowledgeable about biology and ecology in addition to having excellent language skills and client reviews.

Key Features:

✓  Private balcony
✓  Luxurious interiors
✓ Ample social areas and Jacuzzi
✓ Outstanding visitor sites
✓ Stable hull
✓ Sleek and swift

Please ask for detailed itinerary information on 4-Day, 5-Day, 6-Day, 8-Day, 10-Day, 11-Day, 15-Day Cruise itineraries for this boat.


  • Naturalist bilingual guide
  • Accommodation in double cabin
  • Excursions
  • All meals, snacks
  • Soft drinks, pure water, coffee, tea
  • Transfers in Galápagos Snorkel equipment


  • Galapagos Transit Control Card ($20)
  • Rounftrip airfare to Galápagos
  • Entrance fee to Galápagos ($100)
  • Wetsuit
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips for the crew

Itinerary 15 DAY CRUISE

AM: Arrival to Baltra Airport with transfer to M/T Camila
PM: Santiago Island – Sullivan Bay

AM: Isabela – Vicente Roca Point
PM: Fernandina – Espinosa Point

AM: Isabela – Tagus Cove
PM: Isabela – Urbina Bay

AM: Isabela – Elizabeth Bay
PM: Isabela – Moreno Point

AM: Santa Cruz – Charles Darwin Station
PM: Santa Cruz – Highlands

AM: Santa Fe Island
PM: South Plazas Island

AM: Floreana – Post Office Bay
PM: Floreana – Devil’s Crown / Cormorant Point

AM: San Cristobal – Interpretation Center /
PM: San Cristobal – Lobos Island/Kicker Rock

AM: San Cristobal – Pitt Point
PM: Witch Hill

AM: Española – Suarez Point
PM: Española – Gardner Bay / Osborn Islet

AM: Santa Cruz – Bachas Beach
PM: Bartolome Island

AM: Rabida Island
PM: Santiago Island – Egas Port

AM: Genovesa – Darwin Bay
PM: Genovesa – El Barranco

AM: Mosquera Islet
PM: Santa Cruz – Highlands

AM: North Seymour Island
PM: Transfer to Baltra Airport

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