Duration: 11 hours

Departure: 7am

Arrival: 6pm

Physical exigency: High


  • Included services
  • Shared transport
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) tourist guide
  • Box Lunch (mineral water, cereal bar, chocolate, crackers, fruits, mega meat hamburger with lettuce and tomato) * we do not use frozen products *
  • Seat insurance
  • Optional canes
  • Optional layers for water
  • Optional leggings


  • The time of arrival is estimated according to the weather and physical conditions of the passengers
  • This excursion is not recommended for children under 12 years. Carrying children under this age will be your responsibility.

The departure from Puerto Natales will be at 07:00 am to go directly to Las Torres sector. After a long journey, we will arrive at Paine hill farm which is the starting point of our excursion.

Before that, the tour guide will advise us about this long trek.
Then, we will start our excursion to the valley.  After 10 minutes, we will go over an old suspension bridge which crosses the Ascencio River. About 150 meters further, we will see a sign that will lead us to Las Torres Base.  

Later on, we will go up a sinuous slope for one hour surrounded by sparse vegetation. After 45 minutes, we will get to Chileno camping site which is located on the Shore of Ascencio River.

From this point, the trail turns harder and after one hour and ten minutes, we will get to the eastern part of the lake, where we will have a wonderful view of the three towers (Central, Monzino, and Dagostini).

After resting and having lunch in this extraordinary and unique place, we will begin our return along the same path until we reach the point where our driver left us. At the end of the day, we will return to Puerto Natales.

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